reality check.

well. i just realised today that the munchies were not without effect on my eating after all: i went above points three times this week. once on tuesday (by effing NINE POINT FIVE) through pizza and sorbet with a friend (should have had pasta and no sorbet), on thursday with RICE CAKES (by two points) because the boyfriend got home so very late for dinner and i was starving and then yesterday with our killer 'as fast food as we get'-dinner of fish fingers and potatoes. by seven points. crazy.

so yeah. considering how much i've worked out (38 points worth), and the fact i've saved points on other days (total save this week, depending on what i eat for the rest of the day somwhere between 24 or 28) this isn't a real drama or anything. but i certainly let things slide a tiny little bit this week, foodwise and that HAS TO STOP, because the next weeks will quite likely not be as awesome, gym-wise, with all the upcoming travels and whatnot.

immediate goals for this coming week:

* no more whole wheat bread lunches
* eat at least one piece of fruit/vege as a snack
* wait at least an hour after brekkie before eating again (have been chucking down protein bars right after my carrots lately)

should be easy enough, shouldn't it?

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