sick days.

i'm sick. stayed at home from work with a slight fever, a sore throat and a killer headache. after work yesterday, i was in a total daze, and even though i had my gym bag backed, headed home and went straight to bed. duh. shouldn't be surprised, really, these past weeks were so stressful that it was a question of when, not if i would collapse.

the day off has been nice. slept, read, did a few loads of washing. and now i'm getting ready to cook dinner.

thanks to whatever virus is plagueing me, the scale showed an unbelievable 68,6kg (body fat: 30,2%). not expecting this number for my weigh-in on sunday, i'm probably really dehydrated and all. oh well.

anyway. it's all going well, illness (and quite likely only 2 gym visits instead of 3) or not. for the first time in months, i put on the jeans that i bought at my skinniest, back in october: and they're a bit big. good stuff. and right now, i am wearing the see-through loveless-shirt i bought at roskilde last year, and never wore until now.

thing is: i am finally seeing these changes. even my stubby legs are starting to look better. there's definition in my back now, and my stomach is firm.


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