suddenly skinny.

or so it seems.

i really don't know where those last few kilos went. they probably died a nice fiery death within my cells while i was running on the treadmill at the gym or riding my bike to work in the morning. or something.

it's pretty weird how well this is going, i keep expecting to hit a brickwall, but there doesn't seem to be one. i keep doing what i've been doing, counting points and working my ass off at the gym, and it keeps working. i am shrinking. notably. every day, almost. my clothes get looser every day, my stretchy workout pants are getting saggy asses and my boobs are no longer 75e (32dd) but closer to c's or so. which i don't mind at all.

a six is the first number on my scale these days, and this doesn't seem to be a fluke, it's been there for ten days or so, how very very odd. i've been trying to figure out when i last weighed this much, and apart from that brief flirt with below 70kgs in the fall of '05, i have no clue. probably sometime in high school or so.

on saturday, at the opening party, pretty much everyone commented on my weight, which is weird and awesome at the same time. weird, because it's such a weird, intimate issue, and awesome because i still can't really believe that this is real and really long for acknowledgement and support. some people, notably friend z. and r's kids, couldn't quite get their heads around the change. i told r's daughter, that this was thanks to weight watchers, which sparked a pretty nice conversation about the programme. turns out that she's done it before as well. good stuff.

i have so much fun doing this, it's almost frightening. i really really really love working out, every single time. i love the sweating and the crawling home and the running, oh, the running. i think the fact that this time around i actually don't work out at the gym for several hours every single day (and ate crappily and gave up after a few months), but go on three days instead and move a little (or a lot) in other ways every day, has something to do with it. i get rest, and on rest days, my body can actually recover and profit from my workouts and whatnot. i really believe that that's the key this time. another plus: i'm not so damn tired and bored by being at the gym as much.

and the running, yes! i bought a nikeplus, and dudes (and dudettes), i love it! lance armstrong congratulated me after my run yesterday, how awesome and odd. first week five run of c25k tomorrow, and week five is a killer. at it's end, i will be running 20 minutes at a time. TWENTY MINUTES! that is SO EFFING LONG! and i will do it, how awesome.

these days? i feel like i can do pretty much anything.

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