72 packs of butter.

i got an interesting picture from a german blog, where someone lost 4kg and then wonderend where the hell he'd hid those 16 packages of butter on his body.

i've got rid of 72 packages of butter, so far. and in all, i want to get rid of 100 (what a nice, even number that is). where in all the world did i hide all that butter on my body?

what a crazy thought.

i'll take a photo of that much butter (or maybe lard) at the supermarket sometime this week. i wonder whether i can carry it all. that's an additionally creepy realisation: i had to carry that extra weight at all times. how could i put my body through this? how could i let it suffer under all that fat?

i get a kick out of how my body is starting to feel: all firm and full of energy. i am dead sure, simply because i've been seeing results so quickly, that this is what my body wants and needs. this being looked after, fed carefully, moved regularly and intensely.

oh, it's all so very very good.

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