so i went bra shopping yesterday. and despite all my blabber the other day, that i was totally alright with my newly smaller boobs, i stood in the department store changing room in a super awesomely fitting 75c(34c) bra, and was a bit freaked out. and - well - sad.

i'm normal now, boobwise. there is no more boob spillage, no more boob abundance. my upper body is lean and kinda muscly, and the boobs that are attached to it are totally and utterly normal size. maybe even a bit on the small side, actually. all that's a wee bit odd. because i was never normal, and my boobs were always larger than normal; often significantly larger than normal. just like the rest of me.

and now, i'm normal. whatever that is, anyway.

the results of monday's superawesome weigh-in at the gym felt really good. both my bmi and my body fat are within normal range now. and i really can't get over it: normal. i was never normal, ever. and now i am. how very very odd.

can't wait to spend a few hours trying on clothes at h&m. i have no idea where i am, clotheswise, especially pants wise, as pretty much all my regular clothes are too big now, even the size m's. oh yeah.

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