some more befores.

while searching for some pics on my computer at work, i once again stumbled across some photos i'd forgotten about. and that i can't stop looking at.

july 2007
oh, boobs: i miss you.

april 2008
this is a crappy hotel elevator mirror shot that i took a few days before i finally started weight watchers. i remember that day pretty well: a band that my then-bf managed played their final show that weekend, and i remember making sure to dress up: in jeans and a jersey shirt (clothes i wouldn't even wear to work these days), and i remember how tight the jeans were, how the shirt felt too short and how uncomfy i was all weekend.
i'm in shock really, how puffy my face was. so very different now.

july 2008
this is a 'during' shot, taken in late july 2008. i'd lost about 10kg by then. and when i saw this pic (and others), i couldn't quite get my head around the fact that i was still chubby.


Shauna said...

oh what a stunner you are... at every size :) i am not into shallow flattering, btw... you're just so lovely :) i don't blame you for missing your spectacular rack, they are so handy but at least there's nowhere for crumbs to get caught now, hee hee :)

(glad to hear things are going better xxox)

Watching and Weighting said...

hey gorg - you're BEAUTIFUL! amazing teeth Missy!!!!!