burger & fries.

i had (veggie) burger & fries last night. and they were totally worth it.

had a discussion with the guy sometime last week, about when and why i'd eat some fast food. turns out last night was one of those nights. met a friend at a legedary local burger place (at his insistence), where they actually home-make the veggie, bean and tofu patties that they put on their veggie burgers. which of course makes them superyummy. so i had a burger & fries, and they totally hit the fast food spot last night. even though i could have chosen not do eat anything, because of the weight thing. and weirdly enough, after i allowed myself to enjoy this splendid crappy meal, i only ate about 1/3 of the (small) serving of fries. because they were yummy, yes, but i really didn't need em that much.

is this how normal eating people eat fast food? i wonder.

now back to hometown. i'm kinda sad.

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