hooray. the worst, it is over. not just for the week, but probably for the rest of the year, really. it's all downhill from here. i took it really easy at work today, so there's quite a bit of stuff i need to get done before i head off on tuesday (might have to sneak in an hour or two of uni-course stuff this weekend, actually), but it's all manageable. no terrible deadlines, no presentations, nothing.


made sure the new year wasn't going to get too boring though: i was asked today to give a presentation for a conference in early january on using the net to create change in the real world (or something, still not fully discussed that with the organisers). the conference is in - get this - santiago de chile. and they'd fly me out, which would be superawesome, but is totally not doable, with the amount of holidays i can take this coming year. so it's going to happen via video. which is kinda funky, but very sad. the more i think about it, the sadder i get. chile! south america! i've never been! and then i think about air travel, by myself, and doing it via video suddenly seems super attractive again. meeting the guy in charge in berlin next week, to discuss the whole thing. kinda weird, but fun. good stuff.

other good stuff about berlin: will definitely hang out with my guy pal s. on thursday; last time we did, at an award-night in june, it ended in a gloriously drunken night out dancing: we were the overdressed people drinking real champagne on the dancefloor of the indie club. ha.

not so good stuff about berlin: my friend s. is sick, possibly with bacon fever (h1n1), and has serious asthma issues. saw her doc today, who wants to have her admitted to hospital this weekend, if things get worse. no matter what: things are not looking up for my visit, really. duh.

will see.

food wise, all's good. loving the new and obviously improved ww plan here in germany (they call it propoints). have been diligently keeping diary, and so far it's been good (apart from my pretzel pig out at a work meeting last night). am much more motivated, right now, and love the new hunger-tracker; great tool to check out why you're eating, which is such a problem for me sometimes.

so happy it's friday night, so happy i don't have to get up at 7am tomorrow, so happy i get to work out and go shopping and cook and bake cookies and take a long walk with the dog and sleep in with the guy and just exhale.

oh yes.

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Watching and Weighting said...

happy exhaling! Hope you're having a great weekend! xxx
(and THANK YOU...)