that sound? that was me, exhaling. these past few days and weeks have been evil. the weekend trip to r's not-yet-ex-wife and her new boyfriend was lovely, if carb-loaden. the best part was shopping at aa with the bf on monday, where i finally bought the school girl skirt i've been ogling for months. it's super-hot, and i have no clue (yet) as to how to wear it without coming off all 'hit me baby one more time'-like, but i'll figure it out. i'm seriously lusting for all those new crazy aa tights, btw, but resisted. good me! so while monday was all relaxing, tuesday and today were super-crazy again with a doc's appointment (hello, viral infection that shall not be named!), a shitload of work and the first part of this semesters' teaching gig at uni tonight. it was all super stressful, really, but it's all downhill from here on, oh yes.

there's still a lot of work and whatnot (isn't that always the case?), but i'll leave work at 4pm tomorrow (come hell or high water) and get my hair cut (so very necessary!), before a work gig/media roundtable thing in the evening. i'll sail through friday, and then it'll be the weekend, which i'll spend with the guy and the dog and at the gym and baking cookies for the office christmas party. and then i'll sail through monday as well, have more fun at the gym, and on tuesday after work, i'll hop on a train to berlin, where i'll spend the rest of the week with my best friend s who i haven't seen since april. i'll also get to do bikram yoga, every single day.

but that's next week.

this week has been going ok in the fitness and food department (at least since returning from that weekend away), had a good workout today, even though thomas had me ditch the rowing machine because of knee pain. used a stationary bike and nearly died of boredom instead. whine, whine. (seriously wondering though: was i really on pain, or just too tired for the rowing machine? i wonder, really.).

on no carb night tonight as well. almost ruined it, when i realised i didn't have any of my fave chocolate for dessert and grabbed a chocolate covered rice cake. before i could open its wrapper though, i realised the mistake. found some other choc in the fridge, took a piece, and threw it away, when the first bite tasted stale. changes, people, changes! got to buy choc tomorrow, though.

final note to self: those granola bars with maltitol? are totally not worth the gastro-trouble they cause. oh no. (had one this arvo, and felt bloated and crappy for the rest of the day. crazy. am i getting more sensitive to that crap? no more!)

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