overeating on healthy stuff.

i ate too much healthy food this past week. my hastily cooked oatmeal-servings were a bit large, i had a few nicely un-ripe bananas, and a super-large serving of yellow lentils.

and then, nothing happened.

as in: in my bowels. all day saturday, i felt like i had swallowed a bunch of bricks. had cups and cups and cups of supposedly digestion-enhancing herbal tea, drank a lot of water, took some homeopathic drops and lay around with a hot water bottle on my belly. all to no avail. ouch. not really my kind of problem, that one. it has since improved somewhat, but i'm still feeling bloated and uncomfy and just...not happy. duh. and it's gotten worse tonight, even though i ate super-healthy and totally normal portions of veges and fruit all day.

had that problem prolly three or four times since starting to loose weight, very odd. i seem to notice it more since there's less belly. much harder to ignore what's happening (or not) in there, when there is so much less padding and all.

according to dr.google, i shouldn't have been surprised by the sudden stoppage, really. all that stuff i've been eating, all that fibre, was kinda like eating concrete. the oatmeal should cook longer, the bananas should be riper, i should be drinking even more and eating more fats. same old, same old.

but what can i do right now? since i got home from the gym tonight, i haven't really felt like eating at all, so i just sipped some miso. but this is supposed to be my carb free protein rich dinner-night. boo.

and: ouch.

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