i'm at 74,2kg now (or was on sunday, at least). and i'm back in the gym. joined a new gym exactly a week ago, a just opened, pretty expensive one, that i'll love to go to though. super awesome service, lots of classes, nice equipement, lots of tech (vacuum training, power plate). it's so odd, my body is already remembering what it was like to be fit and active. have taken two pump classes so far, and ye olde body loved it.

so that's all good. eating has been kinda okay as well, lots of fruit (strawberries, yay) and veges with the odd proteinbar thrown in. i just get so very hungry and cranky at times that it's hard to focus and then make smart choices. had pizza on sunday night, too, when the bf and i got home after a nightout (where we had expected food, but got none), too tired to cook ourselves. made up for those points by working out yesterday. also got a majorly unhappy tummy these days, i'm either constipated or bloated or have bms in a row (three, no four this morning). my tummy is achy almost every night after dinner, too (am i overeating on the pasta?). no matter how many post-dinner teas i drink or no-bloat prebiotic yoghurts/curds i have. duh.

the worst thing about my bod though is the continuing girly trouble. i suspect that i have yet another yeast infection, and then there are the still kinda inonclusive results of this months hormone check (more results later today, i'm supersupernervous). i am dead sure it's pcos. and so hope he'll finally give me a glucose tolerance test. anyway.

i am starting to see that i've lost weight again. my face looks slimmer, my clothes fit better. last night, in bed, the bf told me that he "could see my ribs". better get used to the view, boy. :)

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