before - before.

so here are some of the befores i've been looking at these days. from back before i started last year.

april 2008almost at my heaviest, at the upper end of the 80's, about four weeks before i started weight watchers at 89,3kg. that dress is from mexx and a size 44/14. the above photo is way too flattering, actually. it was rather tight.

i had also grown an extra chin. the photo below? one of my worst, ever.

november 2007

believe it or not, that night i had sex with a rockstar. even though my belly was hanging out of my jeans! (can't figure out from these pics, what jeans these are, btw, weird.) blessed be booze! and my bursting-out-of-my-bra-boobs!

so glad my friend l. took these photos. i hate them so much, and would have deleted them immediately, if they had been on my camera.

august 2007

this was at a bbq-party from work. the hoodie is a size m from the gap. and actually long. couldn't wear it over my hips, though. and again, i just don't remember those jeans. not a loss, really.

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