in motion.

so i've been working out a lot, and haven't even written about it.

my routine right now:
  • 5 minutes warm up on the crosstrainer
  • 2 rounds milon circle
  • 15 minutes power plate
  • a variety of weight machines
  • 30 minute episode of couch to 5k podcast
  • 30 minutes hypoxi treadmill
  • stretching
  • 15 minute water bed massage
that takes about 2 hours and 45 minutes. my personal trainer jana also made me plans for 1 hour and 90 minute workouts, but so far, i've always done the big ones. the boyfriend was out of town this week, and the week before that, he's been superbusy with his new shop and all, so i've had lots of free time to work out. that will - doubtlessly - change, and i need to accept that and realise that any workout is good and worthwhile, and that i don't need to do everything everytime i get to the gym (even though the hefty price tag makes me want to do just that). i'll give it a try tomorrow. maybe.

the couch to 5k is pretty cool, just finished the week 2 episode for the second time. it made me realise that i never got to week 2 before. ha. (i did a different starting-to-run programme, where i got to week five or so back in late 2005, can't remember). today, i started looking for 5ks to actually run this fall, and there's a local one on september 13 (my anniversary with the boy!), that i might actually sign up for. no: i will sign up for it. next week. no kidding.

me, in a road race? what a weird, intoxicating, awesome thought.

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