four years ago.

july 2005
i was just looking through my old weight logs to check out when i last weighed exactly what i weighed this morning, 72,2kg, and what i looked like back then. it was on july 21 2005, and believe it or not, that day i also took the above photo in a crappy hotel room in lyon. wow. what arms! those were mine! crazy.

so odd, that the same weight can look so different on the very same person. and it just goes to show that 'weight' is a pretty useless measurement, when taken by itself. you can be fatskinny and all, and while i'm at the very same weight, i am sure my body fat percentage is much higher that it was back then. and i am, quite simply, nowhere near as fit. yet.

back then, i worked out like crazy - two or three hours every day - but only barely controlled my eating. i ate low fat, yes, but lots of sweets and struggled with portion control. i was awesomely fit though (as evidenced by that shot - i also have a photo of my david kirsch trained rock hard abs, weeh!) by that fall, i'd lose another two or three kilos, to briefly flirt with 69kg for a while. that looked like this:

september 2005
good stuff. these pants should totally fit again, btw. i wore them for a few times last fall, when i briefly had 73kg. anyway. so yeah.
kinda struggling right now on whether i should go to the gym again this arvo, even though i was super busy there just last night. maybe just a short round? i know for a fact that i'll only get to work out on monday, friday and saturday next week, and was only at the gym twice this week so far, so... i should go, right? yes, i should.

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