i lost 16kg at my first go-round with ww and all was splendid. and then i fell in love with mr.superskinny, who has chocolate in bed for breakfast.

these are my 'before restart-shots'. and damn, they are motivating, too.

april 19 2009
at around 79kg. the skirt is a size 40/10 from h&m, that i bought in september, at 74kg or so. which was - of course - too tight and uncomfy. check out those folds and creases on the skirt.

april 25 2009
this photo horrified me, when i saw it for the first time. what the eff is wrong with my arms? creepy. coupled with the fact that the girl on whose lap i'm sitting had just lost 20kg or so (and has since lost a lot more), this was one of the reasons i restarted weight watchers. the top is from american apparel size s. underneath, i'm wearing a size 75e bra.

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