it's been going alright, yes. 75.5 on last weigh-in, a day early. then came a crazy party night with crazy party eating and some booze and two days of ever so slight going above points. but now all's well and i am firmly back on track and - according to a careless morning weigh-in today still at 75,5. or ,6 or whatever. totally okay. wearing that washed out grey denim skirt i bought back in 2003. it fits again pretty alright after being too tight at the beginning of the year. the light blue skirt i bought in march is too big, btw. wanted to wear it this morning, but it just looks awfully boxy right now.

it's all been a wee bit hectic these days. a water leak at the boyfriends soon-to-be-opened shop right after we got home from the party on sunday, a lot of work stress, a toothache for which i'm on antibiotics right now (yet again, how many days until the usual yeast infection joins in?). yawn. was super hungry last night, fell asleep right dinner and couldn't get up at 8 this morning. oh wel
i need to spend some time with the weightwatchers website again: i've been running out of points (aiming for -4 every day) superearly every day, just by eating carrots and curt, rice cakes and....some sorbet. no points left for dessert in the evening, which is so very sad. gotta check out some low point-no stress snack options.

anyway. all on track round here. well, well.

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