back on the scale gang.

i've been weighing myself every morning. not sure whether that's sick or brilliant. thing is: i don't want to be upset about a lousy number on weigh-in day, when it's just because of some retained water or so. so yeah. this morning: 76,3. so this is going well, really well, actually.

still upset though. and feeling stupid, too. i'm starting to get my control high, and all. high because i look at numbers, both in weight watchers and on my scale. silly, silly, silly. i just checked what i weighed when i bought the dress that i'm wearing today. it was 83kg or so, early june last year.

anyway. the grande plan of spending the rest of the weekend in the buff, once the bf comes come tonight, collapsed into nothing. there's social crap with friends we apparently have to attend and people staying at his place. don't feel like it at all. we've had zero time together in weeks, and i'm just tired of sitting around talking while people get drunk or high. i need some lonetime with him, and urgently.

anyway. no whining. gotta clean up the flat now. and smile. and stay in control. ha. hell, i can already see myself walking down this path way too fast.

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