so. yeah. i fell off the weigh loss bandwaggon, back when i threw my whole life around last fall. i started a new relationship, left my then-boyfriend, and settled into this new life of mine. with a superskinny instead of a fat lover. a skinny lover who has chocolate for breakfast. in bed.

so i gained weight. not just because of the chocolate. but also because i relaxed and exhaled. it wasn't that much, really, until i got off the pill in march. not to get pregnant, mind you (my new partner had a vasectomy years ago), but for health reasons. it feels good, the not taking the pill thing. apart from almost constant ovary pain. and weight gain. i stopped weighing myself in the fall, so i don't know what happened when but it feels like i gained three kilos or something within a month. in any way, after much whineing and shitty feeling, i stepped on the scale last sunday, observed the damage and logged into the ww website for the first time in months. so i've been logging points for three days, and i already feel better. much much better. in control.

still need to have a big weight talk with the boy, to get his support. a shitload of stuff is changing for him right now, too, so there hasn't been time yet. but i'll do it soon.

in any way, here i am again, my old goal of 65kg back in sight. i'll succeed. no doubt about it.

first bribe: a ghd straigthening iron as soon as i get to 70kg two weeks in a row.

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