bites and pieces.

well, well. these past few days really can't be summed up nicely.

i've been losing weight and feeling pretty good. that's the easy part. the not so easy part? my weighing is a bit out of control. sunday morning, on my weigh-in-day, i kept going back on the scales in hopes of getting a lower reading. like: a dozen times. which kinda worked, too. i even saw a 75 in front of the comma at some point, but later recorded a higher weight. felt stupid when waiting for the scale to get ready, each and every time, but couldn't stop myself. duh.

the boyfriend is back, which is lovely. we've been talking about my weight and ww, too, which worked out alright. i s'pose it's going to be difficult for him (and me) to find the ideal balance between support and control. i don't want to get all psycho about what i eat, after all, no matter whether it's me preparing the meals or him. we'll see. so far, we've been eating out lots, which has been working out okay, even though i'd prefer us eating in. oh well.

in other news, i got pretty sick after eating candy floss at the fun fair: guess i had a major blood sugar drop afterwards. no fun. and (who knows, whether that might be related) also have yet another yeast infection. i don't know how many times this has happened in the past 8 months. i've seriously lost count. going to the doc tomorrow. ouch. i wish he gave me a glucose tolerance test to check out whether my metabolism is all weird.

duh. all.

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