so yeah. it's challenging, to be back on ww. right now, i'm aiming for -4points every day (i want and i need this to work quickly, after all), and i need to remember to plan a wee bit more. i'm mainly living off carrots, curd and rice crackers right now, with some broccoli pasta thrown in for dinner. i did this for weeks, no, months, the first time around, and that was alright, but i just need to eat more. because i'm hungry. fruit, specifically. and to be able to eat it, i need it to be around. so i need to buy it. ha. logic! it sure helps.

in any way, last night, after travelling and not too well planned eating during the day, i dug into regular crackers while having a beer with friends. at 1am. disaster, that thankfully could be accomodated in my points.

in other news (hey, let's talk poop!), i'm not very regular. despite eating 2 pounds (or whatever) of carrots a day, and of seriously cutting down my bread intake, my digestive system is all confused and not on time. hasn't been for a while, for some reason. another reason for more fruit and veges, i s'pose.

anyway. first weigh-in not on sunday, but monday, because i' travelling. have been on the scale twice this week, and that was encouraging. i'll see, yes.

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