oh, sweet fame!

you can hear me and the remnants of my aussie accent in the latest episode of the fabulous two fit chicks and a microphone: getting started in 2010! thanks for having me, carla & shauny!

i'm in the fabulous (albeit kinda humbling) company of:

haven't listened to the episode myself yet, will do so tonight, while sweating at the gym, how perfect.


Watching and Weighting said...

yowsa! How FABULOUS!!!!! I will look forward to listening even MORE now!! Get you!!! xxxxx

Michelle said...

I really like what you said 'you can't get rid of your body'. thank you. it hit me.

Mary - A Merry Life said...

I don't know about fame, haha, but I really am glad I found your blog through this podcast! You seem really awesome!

Nat said...

Hi there, found your blog because of the podcast too. Thumbs up, you look awesome!!
You're an inspiration!