the fat-me mirage.

something odd happened last night as i was brushing my teeth. i'd fallen asleep on the couch watching a documentary with the bf, who woke me up and made me head to the bathroom (oh, sweet love). and there, in the mirror, fat-me was looking back at me.

earlier that night, after coming home from the gym , i'd put on some jeans and an old, too big sweater that i had decided to keep during my wardrobe cull over the weekend. it's this one, actually. supercheap, h&m, acrylic v-neck. nothing special at all, and too big now. but wearing it last night, in the dimly lit bathroom, there was fat-me in the mirror.

in broad daylight, the sweater is quite obviously too big. my arms used to fill the sleeves out completely (see photo), and they just don't anymore, and the boobs that made the sweater tight are gone. and yet. for a few moment there, i saw fat-me. much more clearly, than i ever saw her, when she was actually there.

[i will chuck the sweater into the bin later today.]

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