some random things that i believe about food.

  • all fast food ist evil.
    the only chain fast food i've had in the past years is subway, and that hasn't happened in at least six months or so.
  • all processed food is evil.
    i avoid processed, pre-packaged pretend food, including 'organic' processed, pre-packaged stuff.
  • all 'diet' food is evil.
    i believe that artificial sweeteners are bad for your metabolism, and i avoid them as well as i can.

  • diet soda is especially evil.
    and hence i haven't had any in 700 days. one of the best things i've ever done.
  • eating meat is bad for the world in a multitude of ways.
    earth, water, climate, people.
  • eat food. not too much. mostly plants.
  • the stranger the grain, the better.
    and the more strange grains i try, the more i realise that i can love them all.
  • legumes are superawesome and surprisingly yummy.
    i didn't grow up eating legumes, and i'm kinda sad that i lived without yellow lentils for the first thirty years of my life.
  • the more protein something non-animal has, the better.
    nut butters! amaranth!

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