now that i've lost weight. [#8]

i have to mention bones once more: these new bony bits? they are weird.

i mean, they are nice and all, and they look good (at least to my eyes). and yet. they hurt. a bit. a tiny tiny bit. the guy (the superskinny one) keeps assuring me that everything i've been complaining about (bruises from bumping into things, belts sitting uncomfortably on hip bones, the fact that one of my shoulder bags, which has really thin straps, is not very comfy to wear because of annoying bone rubbing, ad nauseam) is perfectly normal. but well: DUH! . no one ever told me that skinny people feel their bones this much, and that some extra padding can actually be useful at times.

but don't get me wrong: i do not miss the padding qualities of the 27kg/60lb i've lost so far, not one bit. but just to quench any sort of fat nostalgia, here are a few random uncomfy things i don't have to deal with anymore:
  • no more chub rub between my thighs!
  • no more chub rub under my arms!
  • jeans are suddenly comfy and don't hurt my sides!
  • the rubber bands of socks don't leave uncomfy dents!


Rebecca said...

i've recently noticed my rib cage more! oh my gosh... why couldn't i have kept some of that weight and lost in my stomach area instead!?

caro said...

exactly! love these bones, but if i'd had a choice, i would have totally kept my rack and gotten rid of some of my thighs instead.... :)