the knees have it.

had a much needed appointment with my trainer tonight. i'd casually been whining to thomas for weeks about my knees, and today we sat down and talked about 'em. for real. while my ortho was kinda indifferent and not exactly helpful, thomas reckons i really, really, really need to tone it all down for now.

which apparently translates to a lot of no's:
  • no serious weights on my legs;
  • no more hypoxi;
  • no arc trainer;
  • no crosstrainer; and
  • no rowing.
which leaves only super light weights and the stationary bike, with almost no resistance. i whined that this wasn't a hard enough workout, that i needed to sweat, that i wanted to lose weight, that i wanted to push myself, and yadayadayada. thomas scolded me and told me that right now, my focus should be getting my knees happy and healthy again, and that whatever number was on the scale really wasn't something i needed to focus on anymore.

so it will be me, some light weights, my boredom, and the stationary bike. for three weeks. and then we'll check for improvement.

thomas also reckons that i should not entertain any goals this year that involve running. and that competing in a triathlon this summer (and training for it) is totally out of the question. in his opinion my knees would not be able deal with any kind of serious cycling training involving hills either.

my one kinda fun goal for now: learning to do pull-ups.

can't tell you how sad & defeated i feel right now.

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Watching and Weighting said...

oh I feel like crying! Caro that bloomin well SUCKS BIG TIME!

I will email now rather than blathering all over your blog.