rewarding myself with a rook.

i'm feeling all smug now: this morning, the scale showerd 74,8kg. holy shit. 14,5kg lost. 9,8 kg to go. one digit in front of the comma. awesomeness. let's hope it's the same (or less) on wednesdays's weigh-in. i weighed this much (or little, rather), in the spring of 2005, when i started dating a particular jerk. i should try on some clothes from back then.

i'd been planning on buying a pair of jeans once i hit 75kg, but i've changed my mind, because it's not really worth yet, with my continually shrinking body. i decided to reward myself in a non-food, non-clothes way with a piercing this week: i'll be getting a rook in my right ear, where i already have a helix one, on wednesday. or maybe tomorrow. only got the idea today, really, talking to a piercer i know, who looked at my ear and suggested it was very well formed for a rook. i'm kinda thrilled. i haven't gotten a piercing in eight years, thinking i'd run out of spots (hate facial piercings, hate tongue piercings, not into genital piercings, sad about not having tiny nipples for that proper nipple piercing look). so awesome, that i haven't, really. i should not be allowed on bmezine.com; i've been ogling rook, trag and nipple piercings all day. especially the latter is kinda stupid, as nipple piercings make me all nostalgic about sex with an exaffair. shouldn't go there.

in any way, today was a good day. and i'm excited about that piercing. yay.

goal check for today
  • eating 16 points every day (saving 4 every day) - FAIL - only saved 2,5 - had a 3 point choc bar this arvo, gah.
  • eating breakfast at work every day, preferrably veges or fruit - SUCCEED - had a pretzel for brekkie and lots of yummy organic carrots with curd for an early lunch
  • drinking enough water - SUCCEED - had 1,5l at work, will have at least one more litre tonight
  • taking my vitamin every morning at my desk - FAIL - forgot about it, plain and simple
  • finally doing turbo jam - not yet

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