got my reward today.

had kinda forgotten (in the eight years since i got my last piercing), that getting one is like getting a new pet: there's a lot of the tender loving care you need to give it to get it settled in alright. ahem.

only hurt for a tiny moment when it was put it (the needle felt good, the jewellry didn't) and even the pressure these first 12 hours has been alright. good stuff.

goal check for today
  • eating 16 points every day (saving 4 every day) -SUCCEED - saved six today!
  • eating breakfast at work every day, preferrably veges or fruit - SUCCEED - had an organic smoothie, didn't eat enough during the day because of super stressful workday, but at least something!
  • drinking enough water - SUCCEED - had more than 2l at work
  • taking my vitamin every morning at my desk - SUCCEED
  • finally doing turbo jam - not yet

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