deliriously happy.

i can't get over how much fun it is these day to put on clothes. a few months ago, i would grab whatever was kinda clean and would hide my lovehandles. mostly jeans and shirts. black shirts. and i felt yuck. my bras hurt me, and i couldn't wait to get out of them in the evening. i jumped out of my jeans at the first chance i got, too.

now i wear leggings, and pants i haven't worn in years and dresses and skirts and colourful shirts and fitted tops. and i love getting dressed.

just saying.

today: those get me laid pants, ballerinas, a grey flowy top, a bright blue scarf, a grey hoodie that had always been too tight. yesterday i wore a skirt that i bought in 2002. ha.

yay. anyway. as to yesterdays goals:

goal check for today
  • eating 16 points every day (saving 4 every day) - FAIL! saved none. we had m&ms a work. and i didn't get any dinner till 11, when all i could manage were some fried noodles from the thai take away. oh well.
  • eating breakfast at work every day, preferrably veges or fruit - SUCCEED - had organic carrots and curt. yum.
  • drinking enough water - SUCCEED - had more than 2l at work
  • taking my vitamin every morning at my desk - SUCCEED
  • finally doing turbo jam - not yet

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