dear ass, meet brickwall. brickwall, meet ass.

did you know that if you do not lose weight, weight watchers gives you a condescending little message. "it looks like you haven't lost weight this week, did you track your points?". it does this, even if all you've "gained" is 300 grams. weeh. great motivation, that.

it feels like i've hit a brick wall in this effort, nonetheless. with my ass. my ample ass.

first off, i bought new batteries for my scale. and guess what: i'm supposedly heaver today than i was yesterday. great. my paranoia about it was spot on. yesterday, i was 78,3. today i am 79kg. thank you, scale.

secondly, i have a feeling that now i've lost my hypothryrodism weight (who knows when my thyroid gave up, but i'd gladly blame the ten kilos in one year thing on it - my thyroid made me eat all these pringles!). in any way, i have a feeling that this will be harder, much harder from now on. now, that i am on to the real weight. the one i was before.

the past week was shit. first, i was on a team building trip for work that revolved around food, then i visited the parents with the boyfriend. grilling ensued at both occasions. it's a tough thing for vegetarians, pointswise; soy sausages are basically just fat and water (ten poins! like: half a pizza). i made a ww salad for dinner at my rents, and ate lass than i would have before, but way more than i should have. lots of bread. and ice cream. normal ice cream, not sorbet, and i almost fell back into my overeating habits.

since being back, i did okay. stayed within my allotted points and my food rut. maybe i need to mix this up, too, to encourage weight loss. who knows. still haven't started working out. my place is a mess, i am a mess and tired and exhausted in the evenings (because i don't work out, haha). i need to do this.

in any way, this weekend, i'm travelling to see the boy and will go to three bikram classes while i am there, including a full day workshop with a bikram master. that'll make me feel better.

can't wait for the work. and the post-bikram high. i need it.

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