look at me.

i've climbed over the brickwall: i'm over the weight hump that entertained me these past three weeks or so. back to losing. it feels great. i'm in the middle of 77kg now. close to my halfway goal.

the weirdest thing of all: i feel so frickin' skinny already (even though i am clearly not). which has made me buying clothes. like crazy. and kinda above my means for this month. not that many, truth be told, that hummel dress i bought a few weeks ago, two shirt dresses at h&m (in size 40/10! not sure whether wearing them with leggings makes me look like i forgot my pants...), some tops, some loungewear at tchibo (i'm cheap like that) and some things on etsy, including a shirt that had me at a loss as to what size i should get. next month, i'll need to buy some jeans, because they are all getting ridiculously loose and make me feel crappy. i can't get over all this change: a skirt i bought in early june and that hit right at my waist is now hanging on my hips. it's a great feeling. intoxicating, even.

what's odd though: no one has noticed it yet. or commented on it, rather, which feeds my illusion that maybe this isn't really happening. well, no one besides my mom has commented, who doesn't really count. are they worried about commenting (which would be nice, i guess), or do people who see me every day just not pick up on that hefty change? or maybe people just don't look that closely at other people's bodies to start with. or only notice sudden, dramatic change. but then: isn't this sudden? and dramatic?

oh well. it's all good the way it is. i'm noticing, that's the most important thing.

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