bikram bliss.

i've been on holidays at the bfs place the past five days: sleeping, cooking and going to bikram class every day. and i feel so very very good. i've been meaning to write about class every day, but the bf scowls every time i get out the computer, so i didn't.

it's been challenging and fun, these first five days of my cutesy little ten day challenge so far. no soreness, just lots of improvement in my poses. nothing much happening in standing head to knee (even though i've been getting better at that lamppost-no-knee-feeling), but my cobra series, locust and floor bow have gotten much better (i finally "rise up"), in standing seperate knee standing pose i regularly get my forehead on the floor, i no longer freak out in camel (or at least tolerate the freakout well) and in standing bow, i can go higher and hold longer. i still get high afterwards, too. plus i've got bruises on my left hip (from floor bow) and right foot (from hero's pose).

and i feel skinny.

which is weirding me out, big time, because i am NOT skinny, just skinnier. i like my stomach again, and my thights have definitel lost wobble and gained definition. i've doubtlessly lost some weight this past week, even though the boyfriends scale (which is of the unrealiable kind) tells me i weight 76kg. which doesn't freak me out at all. my clothes are so very loose and i love looking at my battered, stretchmarked body. i take up less space now. and i love it.

it, the feeling. and the body, too.

my eating has been a bit warped though: not much during the day (because of yoga) and large dinners with the boy, mostly healthy though. we'll be buying pizza however, tonight. my first pizza in six months or something. how odd.

oh well. i'm happy right now. very very happy. i wish i could do bikram every single day. i will, next year, once i move here. can't wait.

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