getting enraged about things not worth getting enraged about.

weight watchers lost my weight data. yeah, i'm to blame, in part at least. they cancelled my account after unsuccessfully trying to take money off my bank account and failing. i contacted customer service as soon as i noticed it had happened to avoid cancellation, yet they still cancelled it, four days after me being in touch. customer service told me to join with the similar name again, so i did, and all my other data, my whole freaking points diary, is still there, but my weight loss graph plus all the stupid stars? gone. and i can't add weights for a time frame "before i was a member". the site tells me my new 10% goal is 70,5kg. at which point i'll have lost close to 20kg. or 20% of my starting weight. assholes.

if they can't fix this, i will never get to see that "25kg" star i'm striving for. and bizzarely enough, i want that stupid star, even though i know that it doesn't really matter. i'm kinda angry right now. more angry than i should be.

i'm also still angry about my stupid scale. i've been stepping on and off for the hour that i've been awake, hoping for a lower number, yet i'm still stuck with most of that extra kilo the new batteries gave me. haha.


in non-enraged news, i had an awesome long weekend at the boyfriends place. with some going out, some sleeping in and a lot of bikram. i went to bikram class on saturday, completely collapsed, spend all day sunday at the bikram seminar getting my ass seriously kicked for eight hours of seminar and two hours of the hardest bikram class i've ever been to (and loving it) and had a fantastic class on monday, during which i even managed to stretch my leg in "stading head to knee" and didn't take any breaks. i don't think i've felt this at home in my body in ages.

i'll be at the boyfriends' place for nine days at the end of the month, a time when we wanted to holiday together, but when he now needs to work, so i'm planning on going to class every single day. my very own one third of a thirty day challenge or so.

in non rage, non bikram news, i bought an adorable weird sportsweary type dress at hummel. in size m. which is a little too tight ass wise, but size l was way too large chest wise. i'll shrink into it and wear it with leggings, which i would have done any way. no matter what the scale says when i step on it right now (after going to the loo one last time) for todays official weight-in.

[edited to add: after another bathroom trip (finally not constipated anymore, haha!) 78,3kg. same as at last weeks' weigh-in with the old batteries. so i lost that scale weight, even if nothing tells me i did. at least something. and what all that freaking obsession about the scale is all about is something i need to address some other time.]

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