i'm halfway there. no, closer even. this morning, the scale showed 76,1kg. i've lost 54,32% of my intended loss, as my awesome dietgirl spreadsheet tells me). the silly ticker at the bottom of this page is ever so slightly off center to the right.

i'm kinda impressed.

i know this weight. i've been here before, for years, even. i'm back to being me. if i had to, i could stay at this weight and be reasonably happy with it. but i am losing and will be losing further. and i'm a little bit shocked, and all. how can this be so easy? why did nobody effing tell me? 17 weeks of weight watchers, and poof, almost my entire weight gain of two years of slobbiness is gone. wow.

my fear of this loss being caused by the synthroid (a too high dose, obviously) was unfounded, by the way. had a blood check this past week, and my gp actually upped my dose further, to 100mg. i expect my metabolism to love this.

my gp was rather funny, btw. i thanked him for commenting on my weight gain when i saw him in the spring, and told him about joining weight watchers right away back then, and he kept saying "and i started you on synthroid", as if i hadn't been involved in this. but he was quite happy about the change and kept telling me that the change was very obvious. and my blood test results were all good as well. my cholesterol was decent and my other blood fats improved as well. happy days.

and all this comes after a gluttonous weekend at my boyfriends parents' house. i ate lemon cake. lots and lots and lots of lemon cake. not just, because it was good, but because i was all pmsy. and yet, there is this lovely loss of 1,5kg in a week. woah. i shouldn't be surprised that all my clothes fit differently now.

i'll buy some jeans soon. nice, tight jeans. yay.

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