"in the morning i think how i should get things under control, at night i tell myself i’ll get back on track tomorrow. i start feeling bad about myself, which sends me right back to the source.

i want to stop, and at the same time the idea of stopping makes me sad and . . . scared, somehow. i’m overwhelmed by the idea of having to give up the instant gratification in favor of long term happiness."

[all & sundry: fix]

i should have known that going hungry to a work meeting at 7pm last night just wouldn't work. i ate some strawberries that i brought, but eventually i dug into some crappy, fatty food not because it tasted great, but because it was there. and because it made me feel good, ever so briefly.when i got home, i ate a good dinner, though. and my alloted piece of choc. and this morning, i tracked that crappy food.

i can do this.

like linda writes so eloquently "the good news is i know how to quit. after all, i’ve done it about a hundred times now."

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