bootcamp, day two.

one more boring hour on the bike down, yay! 't was a bit less boring then yesterday, actually. i listened to 'speaking of faith' and kept calculating how many % i'd already done.

what was not so yay though, was this: right after hopping off the bike, i smashed my shin into a crosstrainer, which resulted in some bleeding and a bruise so immediately massive, that i headed home sans vibra plate and sans stretching to ice it and to start chuckinh homeopathic arnica. that was painful and pretty embarrassing (not the first time i've run into stuff at the gym), and i'm a bit annoyed by the fact that my legs are always bruised in the summer.


right now, walking hurts, so i am officially cancelling tomorrow mornings' cardio workout and moving it to either tuesday or thursday, depending on how my leg feels.

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