same old, same old.

it's happened again: i'm at my parents' place, and i've fallen into a cake-shaped hole.

it was kicked off by a workday that lasted until 2am this morning, gained momentum when i discovered that there were none of my fave foods available for brekkie (had to resolve to bread rolls and an egg, duh. sundays in germany=no shops are open, and my parents are about to head off on a holiday, so they're trying to empty the fridge), and then i spent my day grazing. partly with healthy stuff, like fruit and walnuts. but also on cookies. and one lead to another and another and... i got into a total "oh, it's ruined, i can start fresh some other time-mindframe, until i finally managed to get a grip by dinner time. dinner was white asparagus and new potatoes and a side of edamame, which was nice. but yeah: it's been stressful (if a lot less stressful than that visit in november), and i've been hungry, and achy (hello, uterus, what are you been up to, dearest? you're all achy and crampy yet not doing much. what is UP with you?) and have slept too little.

tomorrow will be better. hell, this very moment is better already.

that work thing i did, btw, went pretty damn well. i've been checking flickr for pictures tonight, and i actually kinda like what i'm seeing. i mean: http://tinyurl.com/34hgfn2 that's not so bad, eh? can't get over what my legs actually look like. all my hard work? totally paying off. oh yes.

in any way, here's my food plan for tomorrow:
brekkie: oatmeal (will totally head to the shops at 8am to hunt for breakfast)
lunch: sushi (& edamame, if i can find some)
dinner: red lentil soup with mozzarella
snacks: bananas, yoghurt & the like

and while my soup is cooking, i will do a little bit of yoga, just a 20 minute class from yoga download.

can't wait to have my life back on wednesday. i miss it and it's rhythms already.

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Shauna said...

glad the work thing went well. omg your LEGS! you foxy lass you!

what is it about being in the parents' home that makes us digress eh!? your plan for today sounds ace though so i am sure you shall kick arse. good luck matey :)