status update. [#3]

i didn't manage to start eating better at dinner yesterday: my parents hadn't prepared the greatest meal, really (just some baked potatoes), and i compensated with ice cream, afterwards. twice.

today, however, was fabulous: oatmeal for brekkie, sushi and algae salad for lunch, a fruit smoothie as a snack and wholewheat pasta with homemade (by me) veggie sauce for dinner. and some high quality dark choc for dessert. all' good, me thinks.

haven't worked out since wednesday morning though; woke up too late on friday to do yoga before my work meeting. can't wait to get to the gym on monday morning. and to ashtango yoga on monday night, yeah.

'tis all good.

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caro said...

and well. i just had two domino ice creams.