goals for the week. [#12]

my weight on sunday morning:

65,2kg. seriously, what is up here? i'm absolutely perplexed by what's been happening on the scale lately. yes, i've been eating all my points (but not my activity points). but i'm exercising a lot. and riding my bike everywhere. i should not be gaining weight living like this. is it water rentention? (not sure, the bodyfat measurements on my scale fluctuate kinda wildly.) and if so, who and what's to blame? pms? (cd 112, yeah!) the warmer weather? not drinking enough?

how was my week?

busy but much happier than the one before that. r.'s back and that's lovely. i revamped my workout plan. was adequately flexible with said plan. and spend a 20 minutes on the crosstrainer for the first time in months. and now? i've got knee pain again. duh!

how did i do on my goals?

  • sleep more than 6 hours every night - yup! these past two days i've really caught up on much needed sleep;
  • work on my pull-ups - yup!
  • no baking - yup! just barely, however. got some dying bananas on my kitchen table waiting to be resurrected as banana bread.
  • eat reasonably at the birthday party - failed. kinda. i ate really reasonable first and second courses. but then came the cake and desserts. felt sick for the rest of the day, no fun.

nsv of the week:

didn't really have one. however, i dealt with an urgent nolunchbreaksuperhungrymeetinginfiveminutes-crisis by eating two spoonful of nut butter and eating some fruit. in the past, i would i've sprinted down to the bakery downstairs. well done, gal.

where's my head at?

i'm surprisingly stressed by the number on the scale. and i hate that.

what will i do this week?

it's houseguest time again. r.'s daughter is here, and when she leaves on tuesday, his son will show up. they're much easier (and fun!) to have around than strangers, but still disrupt our routines. on friday, i will head north to my rents for work for five days total. boo. not feeling like travelling yet again at all.

when will i work out and what will i be doing?
  • monday, am: gym (2 rounds fat burning circle, as much cardio as i've got time, stretching)
  • wednesday, am : (2 rounds fat burning circle, as much cardio as i've got time, stretching), pm: yoga class, sauna
  • friday, am: gym (2 rounds strength circle, weights, as much cardio as i've got time, stretching)
  • not sure yet, what i'll do while at my rents, can't run, so possibly some homemade bikram or sp.

weekly goals:

  • stay away from the crosstrainer and be kind to my knees;
  • really, really, really count points again;
  • i suspect my portion size is totally crap, so i won't be doing "satiety portions" but actually weigh out all portions instead; and
  • less fruit, more veges. and when and if i have fruit, always add some good fat for more satiety and to lessen the high.


    Anonymous said...


    Anonymous said...

    I know it's hard to not be stressed by the number on the scale, but really, really, really try to look at all the other things you are doing to work toward your goal. All the healthier decisions you have made, your trips to the gym, etc., these aren't things to be forgotten!

    Weight gain on the scale could literally be ANYTHING. It could even be your body adjusting back from your trip to being in "real life" again. Our bodies are really strange and I'm not sure we'll ever 100% understand them.

    hang in there! and just a side note, looking forward to running with you sometime in Sept or Oct!!!