goals for the week. [#10]

my weight on sunday morning:

still marvelling at how much it fluctuates in a week. i'm trying hard to cultivate a really scientific, non-judgemental mindset in regards to my weight, as in 'i am observing this weird, shifting natural phenomenon that has nothing to do with me'. and it is, in a way: i have no idea what my body does in response to water, food, sodium, work outs. so here i am, trying to learn about it. fun!

also: now that january is over (and i've gotten over my knee shock and everything), i should totally step it up a notch and finally tackle these last few pounds, right? right.

how was my week?

one part nightmare, one part calm. the second half of the week was much better than the first, and on satuday and sunday, i really unwinded. on saturday, i went to farmers market, to the gym, to the supermarket and then home. didn't do anything besides showeing, puttering around at home and cooking dinner. and then i fell asleep on the couch by ten. heaven! didn't get anything done that needed getting done, though. ahem. you do what you have to do. right now that is: resting. sunday was hence the same, apart from three hours i spent at a band contest because of work.

how did i do on my goals?
  • no bread - yup!
  • no booze - yup!
  • take a lunch break on thursday and friday - yes - took a superbrief one with the bf on thursday, and a shopping one on friday;
  • stay in touch with lizzie - yup!
  • use a hot water bottle on my knees and back in the evening - not often enough, but yes;
  • get more physio appointments - nope, will call first thing monday morning;
  • get appointment for insoles - nope, need to talk about it with chris before doing so;
  • blog about my knee issues and 2010 goals - done (kinda); and
  • blog about my new plan for when and how start maintenance - still in draft stage, but getting there.

nsv of the week:

decided to take some measurements today. compared to the last time i did so, two months ago, at more or less weight the same, i have lost:

  • 1cm each off of my hips and chest (sob) ; and
  • 2cm each off each arm, my stomach, and each thigh.


what will i do this week?

this week will be busy again, both at work (really need to work on my uni stuff!) and at home. we'll have houseguests all week, which will be the first time of many.

not sure whether i ever mentioned it, but the bf is a piercer and body modifier who runs a studio with his best friend. they did a major move and revamp last year, and part of said revamp is offering tattoo services in their store, done by (travelling) guest artists from across the world. this is a major life change, in a way, because this means we'll more or less regularly have people stay with us for a week or so. we've always had people staying over a lot anyway, but that's either been the kids, or very good friends, and now we'll have people come and stay who are not yet friends. or so.

in any way, the first two arrived last night, c & c (she's called caro, too!), i like these two, they were here for a few days in december, and it'll doubtlessly work. they'll be here for a week, and it'll be interesting to cultivate a groove with them here. i'm usually in a 'must be a fabulous host mode' when people are staying over, but these past few months, i've really worked hard on letting that slide a bit and relaxing more. the people who come and visit us (hopefully) won't care if there's still that untidy cupboard in the kitchen, but they'll (hopefully) enjoy a yummy dinner and good conversation and a more relaxed me, though.

it's still going to be interesting, though, because i very much need to live my regular, everyday life while they are here, which means sleeping enough, working out and getting up early.

i'll be the first one out the door in the morning, so apart from choosing my clothes the previous night and getting them out of the guestroom (where we keep all of our clothes), nothing much will change in the mornings. i'm kinda expecting more eating out in the evenings, which i'm not a fan of right now, but well, small concession. i'll happily cook dinner once or twice but that'll be it, really.

when will i work out and what will i be doing?

  • tuesday, pm: gym (35 minutes cardio coach, 3 rounds strength circle, weights, stretching)
  • thursday, pm: (35 minutes cardio coach; 2 rounds fat burning circle, another 35 minutes cardio coach, stretching, sauna), followed by no-carb-night (if possible)
  • saturday, am: gym (15 minutes cardio, 3 rounds strength circle, weights, 35 minutes cardio coach, stretching, sauna)

weekly goals:

  • not get too stressed out by our visitors;
  • no bread;
  • no booze;
  • take at least a brief lunch break every day;
  • get out of the office by 6pm every day;
  • stay in touch with lizzie;
  • use a hot water bottle on my knees and back in the evening;
  • get more physio appointments;
  • get appointment for insoles; and
  • blog about my new plan for when and how start maintenance.

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Watching and Weighting said...

HURRAY! i got a mention! WOOP!!!

YES YES YES to getting your butt out of the office before 6, or I'll come over there and forcibly remove you myself! :)