goals for the week. [#9]

[i'm a bit late with these, but better late than never, right?]

my weight on sunday morning:

63,4kg. still weighing myself every day, and trying to get used to that. some mornings, i've had to remind myself actively that that number has NOTHING whatsoever to do with my self-worth. that it's just a number. nothing else. same old, same old. surprisingly though, on other days, i really don't care. because today, i noticed that i've actually shrunk out of yet another set of skirts, even though i haven't lost any weight. good stuff!

how was my week?

let's not talk about this week, yes? the last ten days have been rough. not because anything terrible happened, really, but i've been working too much, taking too few breaks (as in: none), and slept way too little. and then i was told i should ditch all my goals because of my knees! haha!


it really wasn't all that catastrophic, though. i still worked out as planned (with only stationary biking as cardio, however) and ate ok. for once i kinda ate all of my points, which had been my plan and all, but felt kinda odd. only troublesome spot was late-night-eating during and after djing on saturday night. banana bread upon coming home at 5am? i've done smarter things.

and did i mention that i've got another bout of viral fun?

through all that i struggled mightily at staying in touch with my awesome motivational match-up lizzie. and that sucked. which made me feel sucky. and stopped me from opening up twitter. which made me feel even suckier. and.... gah!


how did i do on my goals?
  • no bread - yup! (apart from some homemade baked goods that don't count, though.)
  • no booze - yup!
  • ice my knees twice every day - yup! quitting that now, though. my physio (who i reckon knows my knees best) thinks i don't actually have any inflammation. and hence recommends warmth. and so i'll give my knees a hot water bottle every night from now on. and just ice straight after workouts, in case of pain.
  • read the beck book on my way to work - somewhat. did that three of four times, then chose another book.
  • finish getting my flash cards ready - nope. simply didn't have time. am postponing all beck related goals till march; it's just not happening right now.
  • get appointments for physio - yup! had my first appointment on tuesday, need to get more! research new running shoes - yup! bought awesome asics nimbus 11!
  • get appointment for insoles - not yet, but got everything ready to do so, i.e. got recommentations on a place to get them done, etc.
  • blog about my 2010 goals - just not time
  • blog about my new plan for when and how start maintenance - just not time.

nsv of the week:

got lots of compliments by lots of different people, including my physio (who hadn't seen me in two months or so), a colleague, and others. i also realised that i now need a size small in regular american apparel girl t-shirts. it used to be large a year ago! woohoo!

what will i do this week?

i want to try to calm down a bit these next few days. it's been so hectic round here, so adrenaline-driven, with early mornings and late nights and lots of deadlines and crap. and way too little sleep. all deadlines have been met (for now), and i'll try to set my stuff up in a way that i won't end up in deadline hell again any time soon. there'll still be a lot of work though.

apart from regular office stuff i'll have to prep for my uni course on saturday (the class is in two and in three weeks) and attend an event on sunday. other stuff that'll impact my plans: tomorrow will be kinda difficult because the public transport folks will be on strike, so i'll have to bike (which i don't ever do in winter). on friday, one of the bf's kinda-kids will arrive for a weekend visit as well, and then on sunday, our houseguests for the next two weeks will arrive as well.

when will i work out and what will i be doing?

  • tuesday, pm: gym (3 rounds strength circle, weights, 30 minutes cardio, stretching) - done!
  • thursday, pm: (30 minutes cardio; 2 rounds fat burning circle, another 30 minutes cardio, stretching, sauna), followed by no-carb-night
  • saturday, am: gym (3 rounds strength circle, weights, 45 minutes cardio, stretching, sauna)

weekly goals:
  • no bread;
  • no booze;
  • take a lunch break on thursday and friday;
  • stay in touch with lizzie;
  • use a hot water bottle on my knees and back in the evening;
  • get more physio appointments;
  • get appointment for insoles;
  • blog about my knee issues and 2010 goals;
  • blog about my new plan for when and how start maintenance.

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