the skinny jeans.

i fit into my skinny jeans today. mind you, they're not really skinny, they're ultra low rise jeans from the gap in a size 14. not skinny at all. but my skinniest.

had to run some laundry today, so the jeans my boyfriend bought for me in ny in january (which were kinda too large when he got them and out of which i was bursting out of in may) had to go into the wash as well. so i grabbed a pair of jeans i bought in the fall of '06, and which i hadn't worn in at least 8 months, and hadn't comfortably worn for another three months before that. and they fit. really well, too. i wore thema all day without any discomfort. woah.

i shouldn't be that surprised: this morning, the scale showed 79,3 kg, a loss of exactly 10kg. what a shocker. i've got my weigh in tomorrow, a day early, because i'm off on a business trip later tomorrow. i hope that superlow weight wasn't a fluke.

but then, i am working really hard on my weight (how shallow can you get to write a sentence like that?): i aim to eat 17 of my allotted 21 points and have managed that so well. i'm staying away from my usual vices (breads and chocolates) and actually cook meals every night. mostly the same, point-safe meals, but still.

anyway. skinny jeans, yeah.

five more kg down, and i'll buy some new ones. it's a goal.

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