on the wagon, still.

since i last wrote, i have
  • worked out three times a week, without fail;
  • started working out at 7am, before work, which is the awesome and really sets the tone for the day;
  • started running again - 2x5 minutes to and from the gym, so far, and all's well;
  • finished my physio sessions with chris for now;
  • haven't had any major knee pain;
  • bought a dress in size 36;
  • gotten myself out of a healthy-food-rut i'd gotten stuck in; and
  • gotten myself through the busiest time at work i've ever had.
i'm kinda impressed, actually. as i was cycling with sean o'malley on friday morning, before work, i thought to myself: "wow, this is life now. heading to the gym at 7am is not this crazy outrageous thing i need to blog about, it's just what i do these days." and it is. i still want to blog about it, though, to keep myself accountable and all. in any way: it's been hellish round here, and crazy busy, but i've been doing really well. just barely holding up, but holding up, nonetheless.

and now i only have four more days of holding up to get through and then....i head off to the us. for the first time ever. for just about two weeks. yay! i'm flying out to chicago to visit my brother (who hasn't seen me since the day this photo was taken, haha!), will head to ny with him (where he's going for a work conference and where i will spend 7 hours cycling through the city) before flying to orlando, for the wedding of my dear friend alex. this trip has been in the works for about 18 months or so (or rather: in my dreams, really), and i'm amazed it's working out, after all. kinda freaked out by going by myself, but it will be THE AWESOME. it's going to be so odd to finally visit the usa, after three decades of being indoctrinated by american tv shows and movies, so odd to be in chicago and ny, after reading about life in these cities in various blogs for years. also: whole foods! anthropologie! gap jeans! target! a big fat american wedding! and i will also be going to bikram in both chicago and orlando, oh yes.

speaking of bikram: got back from a mini-trip to munich tonight, where we visited r.'s daughter and some extended family. got up at 9 this morning and headed to bikram class, which was lovely and fabulous, and had me feel awesome all day. so there.

it's all good, really. apart from my blogkeeping, that is.


Kate said...

Sounds like you are doing great! It's always those busy, stressful times in life when I find myself making excuses to eat poorly or skip the gym. Way to go for sticking to your healthy routines!

Also, I wanted to leave a comment just to say hello. I found your blog from the flickr accountability group a while back, and your success has been really inspiring to read about. Best of luck with everything!

I'm not sure if the google comment sign-in will link you to my blog or not, so it is here: http://kateo.org

Rebecca said...

i was wondering where you disappeared too!

hope your trips been great!